Hope, Help & Healing

Serving people with Anxiety, Depression, Relationship conflicts, and other life challenges in the Greater Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR region and beyond. In-person and telehealth appointments available.

Healing and change are possible. You don’t have to journey alone.

Make the choice to move past your past and toward the changes you desire. Using evidence-based practices from various counseling theories, I can work with you to resolve issues, fears, or other emotional difficulties from your past. You can move forward with confidence. I will take the time to listen, tune in, and help you find solutions. Research-based techniques can allow you to experience greater awareness, and the ability to change negative patterns that have held you back from the healing and life you want to live.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, past trauma, or other relational issues; hope, healing, and improvement is within your reach.

There is no ideal person who needs therapy. Dealing with difficult behavioral, emotional, and relational issues in life is more like a team sport. Therapy provides a confidential, supportive, and neutral environment, where you can find the courage to address your individual needs and find the clarity to define your goals.

Call (360) 356-1921 to request a free 15-minute consultation. You may also request your appointment directly online by going to https://matthew-cronin-counseling.clientsecure.me/
Begin your journey today to find hope, help, and healing.

Areas of Focus include depression, anxiety, self-image, PTSD, trauma, addictions, relational difficulties, & navigating change.

Trauma-PTSD-Complex Trauma
Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Image
Relationship Difficulties & Emotion Regulation
Substance-Use & Addictions
Navigating Unexpected Change(s)
Sleep Disturbances

Life is a series of entry points inviting us to actively participate in the process of change.

Self-awareness and understanding, being in nature, taking time to play, and being with others. You and I are part of a larger ongoing story… and your thoughts, ideas, and contributions are needed.

You are being invited to show up. Counseling helps in this process as you remove obstacles, resolve issues, and reduce suffering. By setting and pursuing goals, you are equipped to be the person you want to be.

Start today with a free 15-minute consultation. matthew-cronin-counseling.clientsecure.me

Matthew Cronin, MA, LMHCA (MC61256645-WA), Professional Counselor Associate (R7405-OR)

Supervised by Laurie Ellett, LCSW, LW60147004 (WA), L2609 (OR)